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Combat Wings: The Great Battles of WWII

Telltale Games is back, and this time they are taking one one of the most recognized television franchises of all time, Law & Order, and bringing it to PC gamers.  Never one to shy away from the difficulties of taking a well-known franchise and turning it into a video game, Telltale Games has developed for iconic franchises like Back to the Future and Jurassic Park.

In their most recent production, they tackled NBC's Emmy-winning Law & Order TV series.  Now, those familiar with the Law & Order franchise know there are dozens of spinoff series like Criminal Intent, Los Angeles, and my personal favorite Special Victims Unit (SVU).  Telltale Games' Law & Order: Legacies takes some of the iconic characters from each of these spinoffs and brings them together in a tightly woven seven episode video game series - of which the first three episodes are now available.
Law and Order: Legacies includes characters like Rey Curtis, Lennie Briscoe, Jack McCoy, and the very lovely Olivia Benson.  Now, if you've ever played a Telltale Game then you're probably familiar with the fact that their games aren't the most realistic looking.  Law & Order Legacies is no different as the character models do resemble the faces you see on TV, but in a very stylized way to them.  It creates a sort of graphic novel feel to the game.  Aside from the extra pounds tacked on to Olivia Benson, the characters are still very recognizable.

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